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About us

Arjowiggins Graphic is the division that brings together recycled, coated and uncoated papers under one roof. Its main objective is the development of recycled, eco-responsible and innovative papers that offer clients unequalled levels of quality and performance. This range of eco-responsible papers, manufactured for the most part with recycled fibres, is the largest in the European market.

The papers produced by Arjowiggins Graphic have been developed for publishing, advertising, printed communications, labelling, packaging, posters and POS.

Arjowiggins Graphic offers a range of papers that are eco-responsible, high-quality and highly technical in terms of whiteness and printability. In 2009 Arjowiggins Graphic was the first European paper manufacturer to launch a 100% recycled, Extra White coated paper for graphical applications, called Cocoon Silk and Gloss. In all, Arjowiggins Graphic has developed 9 new products under the brands Cocoon, Cyclus, Maine gloss green, Satimat green and Eural.