Cocoon Jet - Recycled Papers

Cocoon Jet

Cocoon Jet is our 100% recycled, uncoated offset paper that’s FSC® Recycled certified. Specifically developed for high-speed colour inkjet printing and both dye and pigment based inks, it delivers excellent printing quality and perfect colour reproduction on both sides. Our unique coating maintains surface ink for a high intensity of colour, minimising ink consumption and show-through in the process.

Made from 100% FSC® Recycled pulp, Cocoon Jet recycles and reuses post-consumer waste paper to reduce waste to landfill, greenhouse gas emissions, as well as water and energy consumption. It also eradicates the need for wood as a raw material. Credentials worth sharing.

Suitable Applications

In the right grammage, Cocoon Jet is ideal for:

Direct mail, invoices, personal accounts/statements, direct marketing, contracts, books, brochures, leaflets, manuals, catalogues, other forms of high volume statements and accounts including large scale personalisation.

Key Features

Finish Offset, Uncoated, Inkjet
Recycled content 100%
Whiteness Extra white

Available grammages

  • 80
  • 90
  • 120

Printing compatibility

  • Heat Set Web Offset
  • Digital HP Indigo
  • High Speed Web Inkjet
  • Laser Personalisation

Mill certifications

  • FSC ®
  • FSC ® Recycled
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 50001
  • OHSAS 18001

Product certifications

  • EU Ecolabel
  • Process Chlorine Free (PCF)
  • Archive suitable (DIN 6738)
  • Reach Compliant
  • Heavy Metal Absence
COD 2.3 Kg/t
AOX 0.000 Kg/t
N 0.120 Kg/t
P 0.014 Kg/t
SO2 0.006 Kg/t
NOx 0.582 Kg/t
CO2** 558 Kg/t
Purchased electricity
Purchased Electricity
1,232 KWh/t
Solid waste landfill
Solid waste landfill
25 Kg/t
Carbon Footprint
Carbon Footprint
602 Kg CO2/t

For more information on our carbon footprint see Supporting Information.

Note: These figures include both pulp and paper production.

Arjowiggins Graphic is fully committed to environmental responsibility during the development and production of its pulp and paper*
* Figures based on 2013 measurements
** Fossil energy

ISO 536 ISO 534 ISO 11475 ISO 2471 ISO 2471
Weight (gsm) Bulk (cm3/g) CIE Whiteness Opacity (%) Bendsen Roughness (ml/min)
80 1.2 150 93 150
90 1.2 150 94 150
120 1.2 150 96 150
Inkjet functionality/performance
Ink Type: Dye * * *
Ink Type: Pigment * *
B/W Density * * *
Colour Density * * 
Water Resistance * *
Show Through * * *
Image Sharpness * * *
OCR/CBS2 (gsm) 90gsm

This information is supplied in good faith and is accurate at the date of publication.
Arjowiggins Graphic reserves the right to change or update information as deemed necessary.

Please store in original wrapping until time of use and leave adequate time (still wrapped) for temperature and humidity equalisation to press room conditions.

Please use appropriate machine profile for optimum performance and to minimise ink consumption. Your local CTS Office can give guidance.

Suitable for in line book production and all offline finishing processes please ensure adequate sheet re - moistening and sheet cooling to prevent cockling and post printing curl.

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