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Eural Envelope

Specifically designed for envelope making, Eural Envelope is our 100% recycled paper with a whiteness of 90 CIE, available FSC® Recycled and PEFC on request. With superb opacity and excellent runnability on high-speed envelope/converting machines (with or without automatic insertion), it’s the perfect way to deliver 100% recycled communications. 

Manufactured at the Le Bourray mill near Le Mans, France, Eural is a high-grade paper range. Made using an in-line pulp production process, there’s no need to transport pulp at any stage of production – providing a particularly low carbon footprint. Being 100% recycled, it also diverts waste from landfill, reduces water and energy usage, and negates the need for wood as a raw material.

Suitable Applications

Eural Envelope is ideal for stock and bespoke envelopes, offering excellent machinability on all type of processing envelope machines. 

Key Features

Finish Uncoated, Offset
Recycled content 100%
Whiteness Natural

Available grammages

  • 70
  • 80

Printing compatibility

  • Cold Set Web Offset
  • Flexography
  • Laser Personalisation

Mill certifications

  • FSC ®
  • FSC ® Recycled
  • PEFC
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 50001
  • OHSAS 18001

Product certifications

  • EU Ecolabel
  • Blue Angel
  • Process Chlorine Free (PCF)
  • Archive suitable (DIN 6738)
  • Reach Compliant
  • Food contact approved (BGVV36)
  • Heavy Metal Absence
  Le Bourray
COD 1.9 Kg/t
AOX 0.000 Kg/t
N 0.054 Kg/t
P 0.005 Kg/t
SO2 0.001 Kg/t
NOx 0.144 Kg/t
CO2** 61 Kg/t
Purchased electricity
Purchased Electricity
737 KWh/t
Solid waste landfill
Solid waste landfill
12 Kg/t
Carbon Footprint
Carbon Footprint
489 Kg CO2/t

For more information on our carbon footprint see Supporting Information.

Note: These figures include both pulp and paper production.

Arjowiggins Graphic is fully committed to environmental responsibility during the development and production of its pulp and paper*
* Figures based on 2013 measurements
** Fossil energy

ISO 536 ISO 534 ISO 11475 ISO 2470-2 ISO 2471 ISO 8791-3 ISO 5629 ISO 287 ISO 5636-3
Weight (gsm) Bulk (cm3/g) CIE Whiteness ISO Brightness (%) Opacity (%) Roughness Bendtsen (ml/min) Dynamic Stiffness MD (mN.m) Dynamic Stiffness CD (mN.m) Relative Humidity (%) Porosity Bendtsen (ml/min)
70 1.3 90 80 95 280 0.30 0.10 35-45 250
80 1.3 90 80 96 280 0.35 0.15 35-45 200

This information is supplied in good faith and is accurate at the date of publication.
Arjowiggins Graphic reserves the right to change or update information as deemed necessary.

Prepress recommendations:

  • Screen rulings : Max 150 lpi
  • For heavy ink loads, work under-colour-removal (UCR) is recommended

Converting recommendations:

  • Suitable for envelope machines, folding and inserting process
  • Suitable for foiling, die cutting, gumming and perforation

Printing recommendations:

  • Guaranteed for Offset litho
  • Suitable for digital personalisation
  • Suitable for flexo printing (pre-testing recommended)
  • Sheets suitable for letter press
  • Recommended fount solution wet pH 5.5 +/- 0.5
  • Suitable for IR-dying and UV-curing
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

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