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Fewer chemicals

Chemicals – Better Chemistry

No substances classified as carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic (CMR) are used as raw materials in the manufacture of our recycled papers.


Our recycled pulp is produced using a Process Chlorine Free (PCF) method.

The recycled pulp production process employs a multi stage cleaning process using bio degradable cleaners and chlorine free bleaches. Colour is removed from the fibres using sodium hydrosulphate, a reductive bleach. Hydrogen peroxide is used to brighten the fibres and when disposed of it breaks down into water and oxygen.

So although the process does use water and chemicals it is still less harmful to the environment.

Binding Agents

Another area that Arjowiggins Graphic has focussed on is that the paper industry uses synthetic binding agents developed using products derived from oil that play a significant role in increasing manufacturers carbon footprints.  Arjowiggins have replaced 30% of these binding agents by natural, renewable products, and  are now aiming to increase this to 50%. This is a way of both reducing the carbon footprint and the manufacturing costs without affecting the quality of the papers. More than ever before, ensuring sustainable development has become a global means of optimising processes.

Reach Compliant

Arjowiggins Graphic complies with new REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical Substances) European Community Regulation, created to improve protection of human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals as well as the promotion of alternative test methods, free circulation of substances and enhancing competitiveness and innovation.

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"We are incredibly proud to be part of the WWF's Environmental Paper Company Index (EPCI) as it is an extremely relevant and important part of measuring Arjowiggins Graphic's environmental credentials. The EPCI has helped us to set ambitious goals and targets that have constantly pushed Arjowiggins Graphic to operate in a sustainable and transparent way.

Importantly, it also provides a non-biased analysis of our sustainability credentials for our customers - enabling them to make truly sustainable decisions based on up-to-date, environmental impact information."
 - Agnes Roger, Chief Executive, Arjowiggins Graphic