Reducing Energy Use - Recycled Papers

Using less energy

Recycled Paper and Energy Consumption

The fossil fuels in use today are in short supply. Although essential to our existence, they emit greenhouse gases, which contribute significantly to global warming. The European objective of achieving a 20% share of renewable energy sources in energy consumption in 2020 means enlisting the support of manufacturers, including those within the paper sector.

  • For every one tonne of 100% recycled paper* purchased instead of non-recycled we save 3,799 kWh electricity. This is enough energy to power a standard light bulb continuously for nearly 5 years.
  • All our manufacturing sites have ISO 50001 certification for best practice in energy management. The systems in place have the potential to save a further 30,000 mWh – the equivalent of the energy consumed at all our paper mills in one week.

*Based on Le Bourray

Assessing our Energy Consumption

The careful and responsible use of energy has long been an important part of the Arjowiggins Graphic corporate policy that extends to all departments and employees.

Arjowiggins Graphic has developed a large-scale programme to improve energy efficiency in its mills. The electricity used to manufacture one tonne of paper has reduced by 20% in five years; the consumption of fossil fuels (natural gas, steam, fuel, coal) has also dropped 12%.

ISO 5001

Arjowiggins Graphic has successfully implemented the IS0 50001 certified energy management system at its Greenfield De-inking Plant, Le Bourray and Besse Paper Mills.

Through this international standard, Arjowiggins Graphic is recognised as a business that is demonstrating best practice in energy management, whilst also following a programme for continuous improvement.

Going forward, through the introduction of an energy management system in line with ISO 50001, Arjowiggins Graphic will develop a policy for more efficient use of energy, use data to better understand and make decisions about energy use and measure the results, to ultimately achieve improvements in energy performance, efficiency and cost reductions.

“Environmental performance and energy management are rooted in Arjowiggins Graphics culture and have been a priority since the creation of the Company. Today, our products and technologies are recognised as enabling low energy consumption for the end user.

Mitigating the impact of our processes on the environment through efficient energy management is part of our industry strategy to integrate environmental issues into everything we do without sacrificing on quality. By providing customers with the highest standard of recycled papers Arjowiggins Graphic is able to offer sustainable alternatives, helping to reduce our customers’ impact on the environment as well as that of our own business.”

Agnes Roger, Chief Executive, Arjowiggins Graphic